How does your business measure up online?

A Snapshot Report provides a grade of your online visibility across these six categories: Listings, Reviews, Social Media, Website, Digital Advertising and SEO.  The report will help you to understand where the business needs the most attention. 

The report also compares your business’s online presence to others in the industry.  Here is sample of what you'll receive:

SnapShot Report Sample Breakdown

Business Data

This first section is a summary of what’s to come in the Snapshot Report. Grades are calculated based upon Google and other search engine‘s rankings. This digital report card is measured against the business’s anchor data - name, address, phone number and website.

Overall Score

There’s no pass / fail here, a business should strive to be as close to 100% as possible. The better the grade, the better the business performs online, which translates into more customers and happier customers. If you see B, C or D’s here, there is plenty of work to be done!

Listing Presence & Accuracy

Improves a business’s search rank and makes them discoverable.  Listing presence is crucial to online health. Without online listings, potential customers are sure to turn to the competition.

Correct information gets customers in the store.  Accurate listings ensure a customer can find and contact the business. Incorrect listings lead to unhappy and frustrated customers. It’s not enough to be listed, you must be listed correctly!

Green Plus 100xIf the score is positive, it’s important to keep it that way! Listing Sync Pro help ensure that your business’s listings remain accurate online. Your business’s digital footprint needs to stay alive!

Red Minus 100xIf the score is negative, it’s Listing Sync Pro and Reputation Management to the rescue! Listing Sync Pro can help keep your listings across major sources up to date. Reputation Management will show you exactly where your listings are missing.


Reviews are structured mentions which are classified or ranked in some way, star rating or numerical.  Customers share their opinions online through testimonials, articles, blogs or even offhand comments on social media. This 24/7 chatter is exactly what local business owners need to be paying attention to.

Green Plus 100xIf the score is positive, great job! Your business has worked hard to earn a solid reputation. Now let’s add Social Marketing to amplify all of that positivity and use the RSS feeds to provide relevant content to you customers and help schedule posts.

Red Minus 100xIf the score is negative, we can help! Reputation Management provides insight into where the negative sentiment directed at your business is coming from. Adding Review Generation (Customer Voice) will allow for the perfect avenue to collect more reviews - positive reviews can easily be displayed and published whereas negative reviews can be dealt with privately.

Social Performance

Social channels can help local businesses grow their fan base and turn online leads into raving customers.  Every day, millions of consumers declare their buying intentions on social media. Successful customer service is about two-way communication . Your customers commenting on social are just as important as your customers calling into your store’s phone line.

Green Plus 100xIf the score is positive, you’re off to the right start! However, managing multiple social networks is difficult and time-consuming. Social Marketing is an easy way for local businesses to continue to build their social presence and find new leads.

Red Minus 100xIf the score is negative, we need to get you to the 21st century where customer service lives online! Social Marketing can monitor and manage customer activity in a single feed, respond to customers online straight from the activity feed, and track every interaction.

Website Performance

The faster your page loads, the more engaged your customers will be.  If a site takes too long to load with both mobile and desktop searches, it is likely your customer will go elsewhere. Time is money!

Green Plus 100xIf the score is positive, your site is as quick as can be! But is there anything else you could do to help decrease the load time? After all, there’s no such thing as a site loading too quickly.

Red Minus 100xIf the score is negative, looks like you’ve got a few things to fix! Large images look great but not at the expense of a frustrated customer.

Website Home Content

Vital information needs to be laid out clearly on the first page your customer lands on.  First impressions count! Your business’s anchor data, location information, and links to social media are arguably the most important content on your website.

Green Plus 100xIf the score is positive, great! Now, do you have multiple tabs or pages to your business’s website? If so, is all of this information readily available on them too? And let’s take it one step further and collect reviews on this killer site of yours with our Review Generation (Customer Voice) widget!

Red Minus 100xIf the score is negative, uh oh! You’ve got two choices - fix what’s broken or take advantage of our mobile optimized Location Page! It’s simple to create, search engine optimized and additional tabs can easily be added - no coding knowledge required.

Website Mobile

What does your website look like on a mobile device? Is it easy to navigate and scaled to the right size? The majority of search, especially if it’s for the first time, takes place on a mobile device.

Green Plus 100xIf the score is positive, you’re on the right track!

Red Minus 100xIf the score is negative, uh oh! You’ve got two choices - fix what’s broken or take advantage of our mobile optimized Location Page! It’s simple to create, search engine optimized and most importantly it’s mobile responsive.


Green - If the grade is high, great!  Your ad dollars are at work.  So the question is, are you optimzing your spend?

Red - If the grade is low, your losing potential customers.  What's worse, they are going to your competitors.   When you search for your products or services who shows up in results, you or your competitors?

Recommended Keywords
This section of the report identifies the average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for your businesses top 5 keywords, based on content gathered from your website and location.  The report also displays the potential results of running a dedicated ad campaign over one month that focuses on these keywords.

Campaign Performance
Investigate how your campaigns stack up against your competition. The report examines the number of paid ads you competitors have purchased in the most recent month, the estimated number of clicks received from all their paid keywords  and the approximate Google Ads spend in the last month. This data provides us a view of what high-performing competitors are doing, and what you should consider to compete.

This section offers insights from Facebook to investigate whether you are displaying targeted ads to people who have already visited your website. People don’t always convert the first time they visit a website. Retargeted ads will keep your  business top-of-mind and direct customers back to their site. These ads can boost conversions and grow revenue!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Green - If the grade is high, congratulations! Earning a positive SEO grade requires hard work and is an ongoing chore.  Let us manage and optimize your SEO strategy so they can focus on running their business.

Red - If the grade is low, your need help!  You likely don’t have enough time, tools, or expertise to research keywords, build links, manage their online reputation, create content, and perform all the other required tasks. With a strong SEO strategy, we can help you get found online, increase customer engagement, increase organic website traffic, and produce real customer conversions!

Organic Keyword Performance
This compares your keyword performance against your competitors. Your website is scanned for the top keywords in the Snapshot Report’s database, as determined by Google. The report then displays keyword performance for you and your top competitors.

Organic Keyword Ranking
Examine the top organic keywords that consumers are using to search for your products or services on Google. These insights provide you an idea of how people are searching for your business online, the types of keywords your should be targeting in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, and the type of organic content you need on your site to gain relevancy. 

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